Secondary Care

Humber Teaching NHS goes live with Lorenzo ePMA

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust is now live with the Lorenzo ePMA module, adopting a digital approach to prescribing and administering medicines.

Staff at the mental health trust across 70 sites, can now digitally access a patient’s medication information and issue prescriptions from anywhere.

Dr John Byrne, Executive Medical Director, Humber Teaching NHS FT said “This is an important step for patient safety and for us as an organisation. Doctors can now log in and prescribe immediately at any time of the day or night, without the need to travel for up to an hour between our sites.”

“Nurses administering medicines have much easier access to information, allowing them to see at a glance which patients are due their medication, and to more easily and more safely manage medicines for patients with mental ill health.”

The trust said the system supports their specific needs of mental health services, for example, in the case of controlled medicines, the system now automatically requires users of appropriate authority to enter a passcode, to demonstrate that medicine administration has been appropriately witnessed.

Lee Rickles, Chief Information Officer “Our ePMA deployment shows we are really extracting clinical value out of Lorenzo. Moving to a digital solution means we have reliable information available at any point of care.”

“ePMA is just one of the final pieces of the digital jigsaw. Our electronic patient record is being fully utilised as a vehicle for change and this latest development gives staff confidence we can continue our digital journey for the foreseeable future.”