London North West rolls out clinical messaging app

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust has rolled-out Hospify, a clinical communication app, for its 10,000 staff.

In March the app was approved for the NHS Apps Library to support healthcare professionals communicate using a secure, approved tool.

Co-founded and developed by NHS vascular surgeon Neville Dastur and former technology journalist James Flint, the app allows staff to send instant messages and coordinate care through chat groups, to help share information.

James Flint, CEO, Hospify, said “Though consumer alternatives do exist, our healthcare professionals need access to technologies built for their needs, technologies that are easy to use and that they know they can trust.”

Sonia Patel, former Chief Information Officer, now national CIO for NHSX said “Hospify’s approved messaging app provides our people with a critical communication channel at what is an extraordinarily challenging time.”

“Rolling-out this service not only helps our teams to communicate at a time when normal interactions are more challenging but is a step in a wider strategy to improve our digital offering to all health and social care staff.”

Since the outbreak there has been a surge in adoption, with NHS Wales, Devon CCG, Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and South Tyneside NHS Trust adopting the solution.

Neville Dastur, Chief Technology Officer, Hospify, added “Thousands of health professionals and patients are now using our technology, confident that they can communicate safely and quickly with all the ease and efficiency of the best consumer messaging apps, but without any compromise to their data or privacy.”

The trust also innovated in March, through working with SME Made Tech to develop an app with 48 hours to support virtual visits. 

More recently the trust has partnered with IMMJ Systems to digitise paper-based clinical records, to make them digitally available to support virtual clinics.

Max Smith, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at IMMJ Systems commented “We are enormously proud to be supporting London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust during this extremely difficult time. Priority here has been agility, collaboration and innovative technology that can be rapidly deployed safely and securely.”