Tech donated to support three London trusts

Charging and storage towers for hand-held devices, from tech company PowerGistics, have been donated to three trusts across London.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Barts Health NHS Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital, are using the device storage from the company, following their recent donation.

The company designs, engineers and manufactures portable device charging and storage solutions, and has gifted its Tech Hub 6 storage towers to the hospitals.

Debbie Preece, PowerGistics’ UK Country Manager said “As a company, we feel a strong sense of social responsibility and want to help our NHS in any way we can. As it happens, the way we can help is to enable healthcare professionals to work in a quicker, safer and more efficient way, which is more important than ever with hospitals under such considerable stress.”

Lisa Emery, Chief Information Officer at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, said “We are so grateful to PowerGistics for donating this great piece of kit. It is really well timed as we have also had a donation of iPads, and the Tech Hub 6 will keep them all charged up so they can support both staff and patients at this challenging time.”

Justin Creigh, Interim Chief Executive at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, added “During the coronavirus pandemic, smart devices such as phones and tablets have played a key role in keeping friends and family connected, no more so than in our hospitals.”

“This donation from PowerGistics UK has proven invaluable to our clinical teams, allowing them to quickly and safely access their devices whilst working on the COVID-19 frontline. It has made a very big difference.”

Claire Williams, Head of Patient Experience and Engagement at GOSH, said “Little things like not having to worry about your phone or iPad running out of battery go a long way – a huge thank you to PowerGistics for their generous donation.”