Wales adopts text messaging service for Covid-19 test results

Healthcare Communications is supporting Health Boards across Wales with a text messaging service for COVID-19 test results.

The company is working with all Health Boards to send notifications by SMS to key workers and members of the public who have been tested for the virus in Wales. Messages can be delivered in Welsh or English to those who have been tested.

The service is part of Public Health Wales efforts to help scale up the country’s sampling and testing capacity, and to automate the process of patient communications. The system is also in use to send other communications to patients across Wales, and is currently sending over 3 million messages each year.

Dr John Boulton, Director of NHS Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, said “Making sure that people in Wales get their test results in a timely and convenient manner is obviously hugely important.”

“Equally important, though, is having a system for doing this that is time and resource efficient from an operational perspective.”

“We are confident that the system we have in place with Healthcare Communications can support our continuing efforts to scale up Wales’ testing capacity as part of the next phase of our COVID-19 response.”

Kenny Bloxham, Managing Director, Healthcare Communications “this initiative requires a digital first approach to ensure critical results are shared quickly to protect the Welsh population from spread. We’re proud to be supporting Public Health Wales with bilingual communications to ensure residents can read results in their preferred language.”

On 16th June, 12:00 PM we are hosting a session with Healthcare Communications titled: Future proof solutions to successfully manage Covid-19 recovery demand. Register for the session here or find out more about the webinar here.