Secondary Care

NHS Digital publishes dashboard on referrals and bookings using e-RS

NHS Digital and Public Health England for the first time have published summary data on the number of referrals and bookings made using the NHS e-Referral Service.

The dashboard shows weekly data on referrals, bookings and appointment slot issues (where no slots are available for booking) performed through e-RS from October 2019 and will be updated monthly.

It has been published as an open dataset to support analysis, modelling and planning and to see changes over time during the coronavirus pandemic.

The data can be analysed by CCG, STP, down to specialty and clinic type, although the data does not include bookings made outside of using e-RS.

The dashboard includes the number of referrals by week: 

And can be analysed by STP and CCG. Please click the image below to access the dashboard: