4 health tech projects awarded £50k through Health Innovation Manchester Momentum Fund

4 health tech projects will receive a share of £200,000 to support the COVID-19 response across Greater Manchester.

Through the Health Innovation Manchester Momentum Fund the technologies will support priority areas in response to the pandemic. The fund focused on two themes, Urgent and Emergency Care and Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, nutrition or obesity (Cardiometabolic needs).

The successful applicants include an innovation that uses AI to support patients to manage their diabetes, a clinical decision platform to help with earlier discharges from the emergency department and an online system to match clinician availability to patient needs in real-time.

Health Innovation Manchester, the organisation responsible for accelerating innovation across Greater Manchester, selected the winners, each to receive £50,000:

Cambio CDS T-MACS 

A tool, Troponin-only Manchester Acute Coronary Syndrome decision aid, identifies those at low risk of heart attack, allowing for more patients to be discharged early. The funding will be used in collaboration with Cambio CDS and their Open-Standards Clinical Decision Support platform. The project will develop and pilot an online app platform within the workflow to allow clinicians to calculate the risk, review recommended a course of action and save data for future related research.

Doc Abode

Doc Abode is a workforce deployment solution that enables healthcare providers to expand additional workforce capacity, improve operational resilience and efficiency by allocating work to healthcare professionals at an individual patient level, in real-time, based on HCP’s availability, proximity and expertise. The platform can support employed, bank staff, locums and the self-employed.

Gendius diabetes AI development 

Gendius have developed the Intellin app, which uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate an individual’s risk of developing complications from their diabetes based on their clinical history. The platform then provides clinically validated hints and tips to empower and educate the individual on how to manage these risks and reduce their risk of developing diabetes-related complications. The funding will be used to analyse consented patient data across 250 GPs/1000+ patients to help improve the app’s existing algorithms.

Howz for Health 

Howz for Health have developed a smart home system kit designed for older people which can detect changes in daily routines, signalling a change in an individual’s health. Family and staff can view the information and receive alerts of differences and deviations from the established routine and can intervene at an earlier stage. The funding will be used to evaluate the kit with 50 patients who have two or more conditions, live independently and have recently been discharged from hospital or identified as at high risk of admission. The system aims to reduce re-admissions and relieve pressures on the Urgent Care systems.

Richard Deed, Associate Director for Industry at Health Innovation Manchester, said “This year we received more high-quality applications than ever before for our Momentum funding call.”

“We began the process before the current COVID-19 pandemic began, but we have been impressed by how these innovative digital tools will be able to support the response to the crisis by keeping people healthy at home to reduce hospital admissions or improving care pathways within emergency care.”