Bupa Cromwell Hospital adopts Visionable

Bupa Cromwell Hospital has adopted video collaboration technology from Visionable to support its UK and international patients.

It was introduced by the hospital at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to deliver healthcare services safely, and to enable consultants to discuss patient cases as part of virtual multidisciplinary team meetings.

The platform also supports clinicians seek advice and collaborate with colleagues, to share best practice for example.

Philip Luce, Bupa Cromwell Hospital director, said: “Although lockdown measures are beginning to ease, we know that a service like this is still going to be incredibly important for patients to access healthcare professionals safely and securely from their homes. The service is of particular benefit to our numerous international patients, enabling them to access London-based clinicians.”

Alan Lowe, chief executive, Visionable, said: “Since the hospital signed with Visionable, the number of meetings minutes delivered over the platform has grown from 3,600 in March to 39,000 in June. That shows the enthusiasm with which clinical staff will adopt systems that deliver for them and the patients they serve.”

“We expect to see significant continued uptake of video conferencing technology as healthcare learns from its ‘pivot to digital’ during the coronavirus pandemic and seeks to embed its benefits in the services of the future.”

Giles Davies, consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon, Bupa Cromwell Hospital, commented:“Virtual consultations have been incredibly beneficial to patients, especially those who are going through or recovering from cancer treatment and are deemed clinically vulnerable, which means that reducing trips to the hospital is essential.”

“We know that patients are going to feel anxious about being in a hospital environment for the foreseeable future and may put off seeking advice for any signs or symptoms they’re worried about. Using a platform, such as Visionable, means they can seek medical help from the safety of their homes.”