App launched to remotely monitor cancer patients

Careology, a digital cancer care platform, has launched a new tool to support clinicians to remotely monitor their cancer patients’ health in real-time.

The development provides clinicians with previously unavailable patient health data and insights from wearable devices and the Careology app.

The company said it will help clinicians pro-actively monitor patients. Healthcare teams will be able to view and are alerted to red flags including anomalies in vital signs, systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) toxicities and medication adherence.

Dr Henry Carleton, Managing Director of Careology’s NHS Division, said: “Having worked across the NHS for almost 25 years, I strongly believe that technology plays a crucial role in the delivery of safe, patient-centric and scalable care.”

“Interruptions to the tried-and-tested model of cancer care delivery, centred on in-person consultations between patient and clinician, will have ripple effects as the UK comes tentatively out of lockdown. So now, more than ever before, health systems need to adapt their services in a cost-effective manner to provide better, and in some cases, remote care to patients whilst protecting both patients and clinicians from this pandemic.”

Paul Landau, Founder & CEO of Careology, said: “Whilst my wife underwent her treatment, I saw first hand how little consumerised technology was available to support her. It was all too clear how digital technology needed to be used to provide support and reduce the burden placed on patients to report what can be time-critical symptoms or side effects from treatment. People often get this wrong, meaning issues become more advanced and complex than they would have done if identified early.”

“The introduction of Careology Professional will transform how patients and clinicians interact, ensuring patients no longer have to make decisions in isolation and that the relationship becomes collaborative. This is a step towards digital cancer care becoming the new standard.”

The company is supported by an advisory board that includes; Joanna Franks, Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon, The Wellington Hospital and University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Dr Benjamin Taylor, Clinical Oncologist, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.