Patients Know Best integrates with NHS App

Patients Know Best (PKB), a personal health records provider, has now achieved full integration with the NHS App.

The company said its ‘All-in-One’ integration with the NHS App will allow patients to directly access their combined dataset from PKB within the NHS App interface. 

The Patients Know Best solution now supports more than 12 million people and includes health information generated from GPs as well as hospitals, community and mental health services and the patient’s own contributed data, for example from monitoring devices or questionnaires.

The integration follows the announcement from NHSX in 2019 encouraging innovators to build on existing features and create tailored apps that give people the tools to access information and services directly, so they can participate in their own health and care.

Connected Nottinghamshire, the digital transformation programme for the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, became the first healthcare provider to pilot the integration which has been successfully running since February. In Nottinghamshire, one benefit of the tool will see a cash releasing cost reduction of digital correspondence from 42p per letter to 6p per letter.

Alexis Farrow, Head of Strategy and Transformation at Connected Nottinghamshire said: “The partnership between Patients Know Best and NHS Digital means we can provide our residents with seamless access to digital health and care services through the NHS App.”

“Nottinghamshire now has over 45,000 people registered for and using the NHS App and this integration with Patients Know Best means that our population now has access to so much more which is a huge step forward in modernising the way people interact with the NHS.”

Ian Phoenix, NHS Digital Director of Citizen Health Technology, said: “The NHS App is one of the many tools being used by hundreds of thousands of people across England giving them greater control of managing their healthcare.”

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO and Founder of Patients Know Best, added: “Owning a copy of your health record is not only empowering for patients but it is also vital for the delivery of safe care.”

“This is also a model for working with governments globally. NHSX’s approach to the NHS App as a platform for innovation strikes the balance between giving a core offer to citizens while allowing technology leaders the freedom to develop ground-breaking products that meet specific user needs. Other governments are asking PKB about a similar model for their citizens.” 

 The solution (NHS App/PKB integration) will shortly be rolled out across Cheshire, Sussex and North West London later this year.