NHSX launches clinical communications procurement framework

NHSX has launched a Clinical Communications Procurement Framework to support NHS organisations adopt clinical facing communication and tasks management tools.

The framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers to ensure a quicker process than individual procurement contracts. At time of writing 25 suppliers are part of the framework to be called from by any NHS organisation.

The contract will be in place until August 2022, with the potential for an extension of 12 months.

Suppliers have been assessed to ensure that they meet all legislative requirements; which means no formal tendering is required.

The 25 suppliers to date on the framework include:

  • Alcidion
  • Armour Communications
  • Barrier Networks
  • Bleepa
  • BT
  • Cinapsis SmartReferrals
  • Dental Triage
  • Dictate IT
  • Engage Solutions Group Ltd
  • Everbridge
  • Pando
  • Healthcent Ltd (trading as Signapps)
  • Hillrom
  • Hospify
  • Induction Healthcare Group
  • InHealthcare Group PLC
  • Multitone Electronics
  • Nervecentre
  • NTT Limited
  • Open Medical
  • Pulse Health App
  • RMJ Clinical Solution
  • Softcat PLC
  • Southern Communications Corporate Solutions
  • System C Healthcare Ltd

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