NHS Tayside launches paperless maternity notes

NHS Tayside is to go paperless with maternity notes this week using technology from BadgerNet.

The free specialist maternity notes app from BadgerNet will replace paper notes and allow pregnant women and midwives in Tayside to be able to access the notes online.

The tool encompasses early pregnancy, community based events, and hospital based events, and also works offline when needed.

Linda Gierasik, senior charge midwife at Dundee Midwife Unit, said, “We are pleased to offer this new online record system to pregnant woman as it is so much more flexible than the previous handheld paper version. Handheld notes will still be available for those who are unable to access the app or website.”

“The Maternity Notes app enables women to see a summary of their maternity record as well as details of their next appointment, including reminder notes from their midwife. The secure login for access ensures peace of mind, as only the women themselves or qualified healthcare professionals are able to read their record.”

“The app also allows women to add any additional information such as questions they may wish to ask their midwife at their next appointment and to view information leaflets and other relevant websites.”

“Having records electronically will improve communication between teams and help to standardise processes across Tayside. It also reduces duplication in paperwork as women’s records can easily be updated at each maternity appointment.”

The app is to go live on Wednesday, 5th August.