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Kettering publishes health intelligence strategy

Kettering General Hospital NHS FT has published its new health intelligence strategy, outlining plans to July 2023.

A key area of focus in the intelligence strategy is to provide data and information to support staff to make information-led decisions and it sets out the ambition of the trust to become the most digitally mature hospital in England.

In the published document the trust highlighted “without sophisticated access to reliable data, trusted reports and insights, our staff cannot meet their full potential and deliver high quality patient care. It also reduces the ability to truly know how we are performing as individuals, a service and a trust.”

It followed with a clear message to invest in technology and people, referencing the importance to develop a culture within informatics where people from across the trust engage in designing and creating easy to use products and services.

The intelligence strategy continues by highlighting what the trust has achieved on its digital journey to date, and the areas to focus on to meet its objectives.

Some of the objectives highlighted include the need to embed informatics engagement within operations, deliver ward-to-board reporting, measure performance against peers, use information to improve clinical outcomes, establish a central informatics hub and apply advanced analytics techniques.

Please click on the roadmap below to view the published health intelligence strategy.