Secondary Care

CCube Solutions launches Service Delivery Platform

CCube Solutions, a specialist in supporting healthcare providers with electronic document management, has launched a hosted document delivery platform to support remote working and the ‘new normal’.

The new platform offers a secure hosted service for sending digital files and provides time-limited access to information, independently of any IT system. The company said it provides security and auditing, such as the ability to view when a document has been delivered, who accessed them, and any comments made.

Vijay Magon, CEO, CCube Solutions, said: “It’s important that information is available to who needs it, when they need it. The new service supports access to information for healthcare providers, using a secure and audited process.”

“Coronavirus is an international threat and all governments are seeking ways to minimise its spread and have issued dictates including stopping non-essential contact, working from home, stopping unnecessary travel, and social distancing. Specifically within the health sector, digital technologies help to reduce face-to-face contact to protect patients and staff, and minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection.”

“For example, a physical medical record is usually handled 12-18 times before, during and after a consultation, so how can we protect staff, and minimise chances for infection within a Hospital? Digital technologies can help to minimise handling of physical notes and records and support remote consultations via virtual clinics, and ensure patient information is available at the point of need.”

“These tools can also support virtual clinics, which are viewed as crucial for reducing unnecessary outpatient visits, saving time and money for patients and the health service, and ensure that delivery of care to non-Covid patients can continue, to help avoid issues in the future.”

“The hosted document sharing platform can be used for storing, managing, and delivering the digital files and for users to access these online to support services such as remote consultations and virtual clinics when needed.”

“The service is available for use now, on a secure UK-based hosted platform, ensuring digital access when needed.”