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Superdrug launches medication pouching service

Superdrug has launched a medication pouching service using a dispensing robot to package a patient’s pills into dose specific pouches.

The company said the new service indicates which pills should be taken when, for a month, and aims to support medication compliance.

The service, called easymed, uses a robot to dispense medication into individual pouches, dispensed on a roll.

Shiraz Khan, Superdrug’s head of healthcare operations, said: ”Our aim is to continuously introduce new ways to make everyday healthcare easier, safer and more accessible.  easymed does exactly that.  It uses the very latest technology to make medication dispensing safer and more sanitary and delivers better patient outcomes by making it easier for them to adhere to a multiple medicine regime.”

Dr Zoe Williams, a health ambassador for Superdrug said:  “Some patients struggle to take medication correctly for a whole range of reasons, from memory problems to dexterity issues, and the higher the number of medicines they have prescribed, the harder it can be.”

“easymed pouches hope to make it easier for patients to be concordant with their prescribed regimen, which can make life easier and ensure better management of their conditions, whilst also saving money for the NHS.”

The service has been launched to support patients who are on multiple medications and existing patients of Superdrug Online NHS Prescriptions can update their existing online account and opt in to easymed.

In July, the company partnered with My Online Therapy a virtual psychology clinic, in response to people’s mental health concerns over lockdown easing.