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Video: Microsoft Research and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT

On day two of HTN Now November, we welcomed the Microsoft Research InnerEye team to share how their AI for medical image analysis programme is benefiting clinicians at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT.

Javier Alvarez-Valle, Principal Research Manager, Microsoft Research and Dr Raj Jena, Group Leader in Machine Learning & Radiomics in Radiation therapy, University of Cambridge, led the session.

The InnerEye team partnered with Addenbrooke’s Hospital to support areas such as consistent radiotherapy contouring and planning for prostate and head and neck cancer treatment.

The team hope to democratise AI for medical image analysis by empowering researchers, healthcare providers, and life-science organisations to build their own medical imaging AI models using Microsoft Azure.

The InnerEye Deep Learning Toolkit is now open-source software on GitHub.

Watch the session here: