The Priory Group partners with My Possible Self to offer mental health app support

The Priory Group, the independent mental healthcare provider, has partnered with My Possible Self to make mental health support through its app more accessible.

The app offers support for mental health issues, including stress and anxiety, as well as problem drinking and gambling. It helps users to manage anxiety, tackle depression, reduce stress and improve sleep.

By tracking and monitoring individual behaviour, the partnership said it can help to provide insight into moods, thoughts and emotions, while prompting helpful activities and positive thinking.

Joe McEvoy, director of innovation and digital at the Priory Group, said: “For most people, their introduction to mental health advice is going to be digital and the pandemic has accelerated the need for high-quality tools and techniques.

“Our aim is to reach millions of people across the UK, giving them access to Priory expertise in a number of common areas – from stress and depression and poor sleep to learning how to reduce your alcohol intake and ensure any gambling you do is done more safely.

“Digital mental health advice helps remove stigma barriers, and is available whenever and wherever you need it. Users can integrate advice into their routine, and carry it around with them 24/7. We are committed to ensuring the widest number of people can benefit from our services at a cost and in a way that suits them.”

Joanne Wilkinson, founder of My Possible Self, added: “We are delighted to launch this partnership with Priory to bring our innovative technology and clinically recognised content to support more people with their mental health during these difficult times.

“As a family-owned company, we are committed to bringing people the best mental health support we possibly can. We have developed innovative tools to help manage and improve wellbeing when you need a helping hand at home and at work.”

The app is being made available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play until April 30, and from then it costs £1.99 a month.