COVID-19 mental health support programme made free for all

SilverCloud, a digital mental health platform, has launched a new COVID-19 support programme – ‘Space from COVID-19’ – which it has made free and available to everyone in the UK over the age of 18 years, indefinitely.

The company hopes to improve access to digital mental health services during the pandemic and beyond, to help shoulder some of the demand that now faces health services in the UK and across the globe. 

SilverCloud’s new programme brings together a suite of digital resources and support that will assist users in managing and improving their mental health and wellbeing, specifically in regard to the impact of COVID-19. Crucially, it removes potential barriers by being open to all, with or without a clinical referral, and is fee-free for everyone.

Dr Lloyd Humphreys, Clinical Psychologist and Head of Europe for SilverCloud, told HTN: “For us, what is really important is to support people during this difficult time. Everyone is talking about the mental health impact of COVID-19, everyone is talking about the problem, but no-one is really offering a solution.

“While SilverCloud has a number of solutions, to access those you still need to go via your GP. So, we’ve made a very bold decision that we’re going to make our ‘Space from COVID-19’ programme available to absolutely everyone and anyone, free forever.

“We feel that, at this point, whilst there is some light at the end of that tunnel, the tunnel is still incredibly long and most people are feeling incredibly fatigued, burnt out and a bit battle-weary.

“So, we’re going to make this programme available to everybody at no charge and we want to promote that as far and wide as possible; we want as many people to get their hands on the support as possible.”

The new ‘Space from COVID-19′ programme is partnering with well-known organisations such as Practitioner Health, the NHS’ free confidential advice service for NHS staff In England and RCNi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Royal College of Nursing. SilverCloud is also currently working with the my mhealth app to create digital COVID-19 wards.

Alongside the release of ‘Space from COVID-19’, HTN interviewed Dr Humphreys for our latest feature on how digital platforms have changed the delivery of care within the mental health sphere.

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