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Alder Hey selects American based AI tool

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with American based AI start-up Diveplane, to explore synthetic data use, whilst ensuring privacy.

The specialist children’s hospital is set to use the ‘GEMINAI’ product from the startup based in Raleigh, North Carolina. It uses patented techniques to create new synthetic data sets, from existing data points. The tool creates a verifiable synthetic ‘twin’ dataset with the same properties of the original data, but without including real-world confidential or personal information resulting in a data set rich in value but with no risks of privacy breaches.

The data will then be used by innovators and entrepreneurs at the trust’s innovation centre to develop solutions.

Mike Capps, Diveplane’s Co-founder and CEO, said: “Children’s medical data is sacrosanct, and preserving privacy is beyond essential, we believe our GEMINAI technology is market-leading and are delighted the team at Alder Hey have put their trust in us. Our mission is to provide AI solutions that can be verifiably measured to ensure that customers can maintain the highest level of confidence in the results we produce together.”

Alder Hey has previously used recent technology to release a new app for mental health services, and last year they installed telemedicine robots to help clinicians collaborate across hospital sites.

Claire Liddy, Managing Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, added: “We want to embrace the full potential of AI, and Diveplane has demonstrated the ability to produce synthetic data that can be quantifiably measured for accuracy and privacy ensuring patient information and confidentiality are still secure and anot accessible for third parties, something that is both essential and non-negotiable when it comes to research and analytics involving pediatric medical data.”

“We always want to be associated with key industry thought leaders, and the Diveplane team are pioneering the production of synthetic data. We have spent several months testing the capability of their GEMINAI solution, and we have been extremely impressed with the results. Now, we look forward to doing great work with them as partners.”