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College of Paramedics rolls out wellbeing platform for members’ mental fitness

The College of Paramedics has launched a wellbeing platform for its members, with a dedicated app rolled-out to provide the workforce with personalised access to tools that promote mental fitness.

The College, which is the professional body for paramedics in the UK, recognised the need for the platform in response to wellbeing challenges posed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and partnered with digital wellbeing specialists 87% to create the service.

A bespoke platform, the College of Paramedics Wellbeing App uses clinical measurements to derive insights from individuals and address their personal wellbeing with customised tools and content, such as daily exercises, reflections and ‘nudge theory’ techniques to promote healthy habits that support users in building their mental fitness.

Personalised coaching, newsletters, a podcast, webinars and e-learning modules are complemented by signposting to support services, for those that have low scores indicating poor mental health.

Following a trial, it has now been rolled-out to all members, as well as associates and those in education. Around 45,000 emergency workers now have access to the platform, thanks to collaboration between 87%, the College, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Air Ambulances UK, NHS Practitioner Health and the London Ambulance Service, as well as others.

The app provides confidentiality for users but having access to some of the data allows the College to gain insights into the wellbeing of its members as a whole, helping it to identify any trends and areas of concern.

Liz Harris, Head of Professional Standards at the College of Paramedics, said: “Our members have felt the immense pressures of the last 18 months or so, and so we felt it was a priority to put in place a tool that could support them and help prevent deteriorating mental health. Given the demands on our colleagues, we needed to offer a resource that could give them the power to make their own choices, in a safe space at their own pace.

“87%’s technology allows users to measure their mental fitness on an ongoing basis and benefit from personalised coaching on where improvements can be made. The way the app increases self-awareness and promotes healthy habits is really positive. We will work closely with 87% in the coming months to monitor the trends and behaviours that emerge from the aggregated and anonymous data and continually refine our wellbeing support strategy based on the needs of our members.”

Andy Bibby, CEO of 87%, added: “Mental fitness equips you with the means to successfully navigate life’s ups and downs by enhancing your enjoyment of positive experiences and helping you overcome challenges. At 87% we are using the power of data to make this tangible and actionable for the individual whilst giving organisations the insights to implement health and wellbeing strategies that see their staff thrive.”