Health Tech Awards Finalists 2021: The Reveal

Following 1,000 hours of judging and journalism, HTN is delighted to reveal the finalists in the Health Tech Awards 2021!

The HTN Awards help to share and celebrate digital teams, programmes, innovations and health tech suppliers that have made a difference through the year. In the spirit of doing so, we’re delighted to also share a series of features, where we delve into each category and entry, to share as much as we can – we hope you enjoy!

In these features you’ll be able to read up on the entries, the innovations and programmes, ahead of the digital awards evening that takes place on 7 October 2021 – it’s open to everyone to celebrate their team, programmes and achievements.

HTN would like to say a huge thank you to the awards sponsor, CCube Solutions, and a fantastic group of judges who helped review and analyse each entry to ensure the worthy winners are selected.

The judging process was extremely tough, and enjoyable, so we thought we would pick out some comments from our judging team. They said:

  • “A great process and a pleasure to be involved to hear about so many digital teams.”
  • “Great potential using data to inform national policy and drive local action.”
  • “It’s certainly clear that the health tech space is a pleasure to be part of!”
  • “Really interesting project, now it’s time to scale nationally.”
  • “Every trust should be following this approach, well done.”
  • “Could be instrumental in managing long-term COVID, asthma care and other respiratory conditions which require constant monitoring.”
  • “Nice bottom-up approach co-designed between clinicians and IT, using existing IT platform to improve patient safety and streamline workflow to enhance efficiencies.”
  • “Excellent application of an online system. Current use has shown huge benefits with number of users, appointment and test result management. Can see this being employed in the future with potential to grow and be used by all NHS service providers. Benefits are clear, consisting of cost-saving, reducing paper waste which is sustainable, easy for user and provides more control over self-care management.”
  • “Excellent – meets all the criteria and more. Has clear results. Would like to see outcomes and wider pilot study of a city or region. How can this be scaled up and managed? Would be the next challenge.”
  • “I think this is a very good example of how excellent, well-thought-through communications have driven patient engagement that has in turn contributed to research that has improved patient care. Communications and engagement was at the heart of this programme and the data provided in this entry demonstrates how it drove the successful outcome.”

The categories in the awards range from the best use of data, most promising pilot, major project go live, excellence in digital co-design, innovation in primary care, to the best health tech solution of the year.

Click the image below to view the finalists and features…