Alder Hey enters co-partnership with NeedleSmart

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has entered into a co-development partnership with NeedleSmart, a specialist solution to needle safety and closed loop data.

The partnership will see the development of the company’s hardware and data solutions accelerated, aiming to bring forward the solutions into healthcare.

Consisting of three phases, the development partnership will focus on clinician and patient safety enhancements, a sustainability to recycling pilot, and clinical workflow and data transactions.

NeedleSmart’s needle destruction technology is said to help the reduction of needlestick injuries and their consequential costs, and has the potential to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of used needle disposal. The technology compresses the needle, significantly reducing the needle footprint leading to a minimum of 50 per cent increase in needle count per sharps bin, the company said.

A software platform helps to support digitising the clinical event at the exact moment the needle is destroyed, allowing a unique, data neutral record to be created in real time that can be pushed directly to any medical record software.

Claire Liddy, Managing Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, said: “At Alder Hey we want to ensure that we are always sitting on the leading edge of clinical innovation. In the case of NeedleSmart, we have found a product solution that offers a number of innovation drivers to build from. The team at NeedleSmart are constantly challenging conventional thinking around sharps disposal and what benefits could be achieved at that moment.”

“We want to ensure we are associated with businesses that have the potential to make a real difference. NeedleSmart is one such business, at a time when co-worker safety, sustainability, and innovation are so important, disruptive technologies have a critical role to play. We have been assessing the viability of NeedleSmart in the background during our first COVID-19 vaccination program[me] and look forward to working together on a more formal basis.”

12 months ago, HTN also welcomed the company as part of our online event series, HTN Now. Cliff Kirby, CEO at NeedleSmart presented a session focused on digitalisation of the clinical interface.