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ORCHA commissioned by Canada’s LifeWorks to build app library for absent employees

ORCHA – the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps – has announced a new partnership with Canada’s LifeWorks, which works with both digital and in-person wellbeing solutions.

The company has commissioned ORCHA to create a health app library that will support its employees when they are absent from work.

LifeWorks currently provides clients across the globe with employee wellbeing solutions. Some of its programmes focus on employee and family assistance plans, absence management plans, retirement consulting, and pension and benefits administration.

The LifeWorks Workplace Absence and Disability Management gives employees support to help them ‘recover and return to being productive at work’.  And now, through its new partnership with ORCHA, LifeWorks is believed to be the first company in Canada to include access to a digital health library in its employee wellbeing offer.

Set to launch later in 2021, the partnership will provide employees across Canada with digital health tools for assistance with managing both long- and short-term conditions, such as Long COVID. The landing page of the library will also have a particular focus on apps believed to be among the most relevant and useful for absent employees, including a carousel for conditions such as mental wellbeing, depression, sleep, and diabetes.

In addition, LifeWorks case managers will be able to recommend apps from their own ‘pro account’, send suggestions to employees by email or text, and will also be able to access CPD-accredited online training modules through the ORCHA Academy.

Dr Lloyd Humphreys, Managing Director of ORCHA, said: “The holistic approach to employee wellbeing offered by LifeWorks is admirable and we are pleased to be able to be a part of this impressive programme.  Being able to offer a wide breadth of high-quality apps from a single digital library will ensure employees are able to get the right help at the right time, with the ability to work proactively on their health and wellbeing.

“The partnership further demonstrates ORCHA’s flexibility to deliver on a global scale, from regional charities and health systems to government bodies and regulators and now in Canada with an employer health leader.”