Skills for Health launches eRostering platform

Skills for Health has today launched its eRostering solution, to support healthcare providers with workforce planning and development practices.

The not-for-profit organisation said that, following significant investment, it has developed its new Custom Rostering System (CRS) tool, that is now available for healthcare providers.

Adopting an approach of  ‘your system, your way’, the system integrates with other management platforms, and has been built on two core principles; to work in line with individual contracts and terms of employment; and for every organisation to be able to manage staff in line with their unique ways of working.

Niamh McKenna, CIO at NHS Resolution and a Skills for Health Trustee, said: “Skills for Health have a long history of working in the health sector supporting the workforce, including providing rostering systems. This unique expertise has helped them build CRS, designed to support healthcare organisations maintain compliant staff schedules and improve patient care delivery.

“The team have truly understood the challenges of the sector, and the complexities of managing shifts across different and complex workforce needs and contracts. Subsequently, CRS will readily create and manage short and long-term staff rosters for any staff group, maintaining compliant staffing levels, and making sure teams are crucially in the right place, at the right time.”

Dr Sara Munro, Skills for Health Trustee and Chief Executive Officer at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Trust, added: “Every staff member on the CRS has a contract associated with them, and it is through these contracts that the workforce can then be effectively and safely deployed. With its robust reporting, and by meeting the evolving and ever-changing contractual needs for all staff, proven to be so critical throughout COVID-19, CRS will enable trusts, departments and teams to continue to deliver effective rosters that allow staff to have more time to focus on patient care.”

To find out more, Join HTN and the Skills for Health team at 1pm 8 November, as part of HTN Now November, when we take a closer look into the solution. You can register for the live webinar here.