Remote monitoring pilots launched in North East Lincolnshire care homes

North East Lincolnshire will benefit from remote monitoring pilot programmes in its care homes, with Docobo technology set to be trialled across a number of sites.

Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (YHAHSN) has been working, on behalf of NHSX, with the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, and the North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, to implement Docobo’s DOC@HOME® solution.

The technology is designed for the care home environment and aims to improve care for residents, as well as to reduce hospital admissions, by allowing clinicians to understand each resident’s ‘baseline’ level of health and through monitoring signs of potential deterioration. In addition, the solution will also allow more residents to receive care in familiar environments and to feel more involved in care decisions.

Through Docobo’s portal app, care home staff will be able to refer patient details to a GP for review and triage or any further referrals, which it is hoped will provide important decision support for workers and reduce the number of community nursing visits required.

According to the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, the roll-out of DOC@HOME® is part of NHSX’s Joined-Up Care Programme and works in conjunction with Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership’s Digital Care Homes project, which involves finding solutions to support care home staff and residents.

Maria Glover, Programme Manager at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, said: “We worked with the Partnership and the local CCGs to identify the right innovations that would deliver against their needs and priorities. Docobo was the right solution and we’ve been working and engaging with care homes to scope and develop plans to use Docobo.  

“I am pleased to see that local care homes in this region can really start to enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring technologies and look forward to continuing our work with Docobo to encourage further uptake of the product and help to keep people healthy and out of hospital.” 

Earlier in the week, HTN reported on the news that Graphnet has acquired Docobo, to add the technology to its product portfolio.