Secondary Care

RNOH adopts digital patient pathway tech

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust (RNOH) has launched a new solution to digitise referral managmeent, consent and Patient-Reported Outcome Measures.

The Pathpoint solution, from Open Medical, was implemented initially in 2020 to digitise patient care pathways, and was first implemented to receive and process trauma referrals. The solution is said to provide ‘bespoke patient care pathways’ that encompass 15 subspecialties and over 50 different pathways.

Dr Lila Dinner, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Medical Officer/CCIO, RNOH, commented: “The new Pathpoint referral platform will be a huge benefit to our patients – and staff. We’re continually seeking ways to improve the patient experience at the RNOH and a key part of that is sourcing new and improved systems that allow us to respond better and quicker.

“Pathpoint will allow us to streamline and manage referrals and utilise Patient Reported Outcome Measures. The end result will not only be a better patient experience but a better staff experience too.”

In November, HTN welcomed Dr Saroj Patel, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, RNOH, for a live session as part of HTN Now. The webcast focused on ‘the goal and art of co-designing and co-creating a modular care record’, where Dr Patel shared the trust’s journey in creating a modular health record system, highlighting why they embarked on the process, as well as their core principles, how they achieved it, and their outcomes and lessons learnt.

To read HTN’s overview of the session, or to watch it back, please click here.