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Peppy expands Women’s Digital Health service

Peppy, a digital health platform providing workplace health support, has expanded its Women’s Digital Health Service to include more aspects of women’s health, including gynaecology, contraception, common conditions such as PCOS, and more.

The launch of additional support comes in direct response to the company’s clients requesting a fuller health service for females, those who identify as female, and people assigned female at birth. It builds on Peppy’s existing support base, which covers topics including menopause, fertility and new parenthood.

The past year has seen a 1400 per cent increase in users for Peppy, who now support over 250 employers and over a million employees across it existing services.

With the ability to monitor engagement and utilisation, Peppy helps employers support their staff with expert personalised support, using human-led digital technology to respond quickly to needs.

Dr Mridula Pore, CEO of Peppy, said: “Technology has really helped democratise this type of human-led support, making it much easier for more employers to offer it, which is important as all female employees should be able to access the support they need, when they need it.

“From our research, we found that eighty-five percent of women experiencing at least four conditions during their working life that are currently underserved by standard healthcare services… we all understand that the NHS has been under huge pressure, particularly over the past two years, but this means that so many women cannot currently access the services and support that they require, and in some cases, desperately need. That is why we are launching this expansion to help female employees.”

Last year HTN interviewed Max Landry, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Peppy Health, to discuss the company’s innovative app.