NHSE/I Director of Transformation to launch #SolvingTogether initiative

A new programme led by Tim Ferris, Director of Transformation at NHS England and Improvement, to share ideas on recovering services, redesigning care delivery and addressing health inequalities, is to formally launch.

Developed by NHS Horizons, who work to support change in the NHS and wider health and care system, #SolvingTogether is a regionally-led initiative as part of a range of interventions relating to the delivery of transformation for NHS elective services.

It hopes to drive changes that can work across the country to amplify local, regional and nationwide initiatives, with an aim to “capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support the recovery of elective services.”

The approach intends to capture experiences, ideas and comments from staff working in elective recovery, addressing the challenges that the NHS faces in this area.

It will be framed using seven key challenges, to include: rethinking demand; making elective service recovery fair, inclusive and accessible; boosting capacity; building outstanding theatre teams; coordinating elective care; thinking the unthinkable; and supporting people waiting for hip and knee replacement operations.

#SolvingTogether is open to all, with the website stating, “we want you to let us know what’s worked for you and your ideas for making the NHS better.”

It is open for contributions from 3 March for approximately six weeks. After the platform closes, each idea submitted will be reviewed and responded to, with regional and national teams seeking the ‘most promising’ ideas to be tested and prototyped across regions.

To formally launch the initiative, Tim Ferris is to host an online session on Monday 4 April at 1:00pm. You can register for the session here.