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The Christie selects software engineering partner

The Christie NHS FT has partnered with Aire Logic to utilise the company’s software engineering, dev-ops and architecture expertise services, as part of a £1.6m deal.

The partnership will support the trust to modernise its in-house electronic health record (EHR), taking an approach to ‘separate the data layer’, that aligns with the NHS England Data saves lives strategy.

In September last year, The Christie chose the Better platform, as part of plans to  ‘re-platform’ its forms engine to modern technology. The programme with Aire Logic aims to integrate more data into the platform, expand order communications functionality, and develop user interface improvements.

The partnership will also help to expand The Christie’s engineering team, and support the modernisation and pathway redesign of over 600 clinical forms.

Alistair Reid-Pearson, Interim Chief Information Officer at The Christie NHS FT, said: “Modernisation of our EHR platform and unlocking the power of data using openEHR is a key part of the strategy to advance cancer research. This partnership will provide us with industry leading expertise to expand our talented in-house software engineering team.”

Last month, HTN interviewed the team at Ideal Health and The Christie, to explore its recent analytics project. The programme involved developing an analytics roadmap, based around the HIMSS AMAM (Analytics Maturity and Adoption Model), aimed to help shape the upcoming new Christie Data and Clinical Outcomes strategy.

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