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Innovation and transformation focus in King’s College Hospital 2022/23 action plan

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KCHNFT) has published an action plan for the year ahead (April 2022 – March 2023) to outline some of the key initiatives the trust will deliver.

The action plan lays out the trust’s mission “to be leaders in research, innovation and education” and along with sharing future plans, highlights some examples of how KCHNFT has already been “turning this vision into a reality for patients, staff and local communities”, including securing funding for an electronic health record system and launching a Green Plan to reduce environmental impact.

Entitled ‘Delivering our BOLD vision: Our plan for action – 2022/23′, the document sets out how the trust will deliver on its five-year strategy – Strong Roots, Global Reach – published in July 2021.

As part of the one-year action plan the trust has an ambition to “transform outpatient services” by “using new digital tools and improved accessibility, and by incorporating patient feedback to improve the care we provide.”

To deliver on innovation, the trust is establish a new ‘Innovation Steering Group’ and plans to launch the ‘SC1 Innovation District’, a programme to support over 10 innovations through the King’s Health Partners Medtech Joint Venture. In addition as part of the trust’s People and Culture Plan its aim is to “continue to create an environment where all of our people can thrive”, the plan states.

On its electronic health record programme, the trust notes the next phase of the Apollo Programme will begin “with the testing, configuration and user training for EPIC.”

Moving on to their planned actions for the future, KCHNFT state, “We will invest in digital and data innovation to improve patient care and deliver better services… we will increase participation of our diverse South East London communities and populations in research, contributing to better health outcomes… we will grow our industry partnerships and academic networks… we will be at the forefront of research and innovation – understanding what works, and adopting and spreading it… [and] we will deliver high quality education and training throughout people’s careers.”

The trust highlights their “golden threads” – “cross-cutting strategic themes” across their workstreams and action plan. One such thread is the need to be “digitally-enabled – embracing and integrating digital technology and clinical data to improve the quality of care we deliver, and make our services more accessible”. They also place emphasis on “maintaining our focus on financial stability and sustainability through more efficient and productive services and building a new focus on becoming more environmentally stable through delivering our Green Plan.”

You can read the action plan in full here.