HTN’s Digital Playbook is here…

We are delighted to share our latest Digital Playbook with you all.

Following on from our November edition, which focused on the concept of digital Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), our May 2022 edition explores a range of topics from electronic patient records, data privacy, governance, to practical solutions for communication and collaboration.

Our first playbook of the year includes case studies, learnings and solutions from a variety of health technology suppliers and providers. The Digital Playbook aims to provide inspiration and insight to support organisations on their own digital journeys, sharing examples of good practice from across the industry and providing information on the latest products and systems available.

With topical and relevant healthcare areas in mind – such as solutions focusing on supporting pathway redesign – we take a look at the most pressing areas of change and transformation.

Across the playbook, you’ll find out more about suppliers, projects, updates, and all the great work that is going on across the sector.

Whether you are pondering procurement, seeking a solution, or just interested in finding out about the latest innovations and ideas that are out there, this playbook will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

As ever, HTN’s Digital Playbook is available in print and online – keep an eye out for a hard copy arriving on your desk!

If any of the topics have piqued your interest, dive into our playbook and read on.

Thanks once again for reading, we hope you enjoy the latest playbook – stay tuned for future editions.

View the HTN Digital Playbook here.