Health Tech Trends

Poll: in what area does digital transformation have the greatest impact?

As part of our HTN Now focus on strategy, transformation and change, we produced a feature exploring the approaches taken by NHS trusts in developing their main strategy, examining where their priorities lay for digital and data – and where they expect digital transformation to have the greatest impact.

The strategies we looked into placed the emphasis for digital and data in different categories, so we took to LinkedIn and posed the question: in what area do you see digital transformation having the greatest impact in your organisation?

Votes came in from a variety of job roles from across the health and care industry – Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Digital Health and Care Specialist, Software Analyst, Managing Director and more.

Results showed that the majority of respondents – 60 percent – believe that digital transformation will have the greatest impact on improving patient care, showing support for the ways in which digital can lead to better, more personalised care for the patients themselves.

Meanwhile, 27 percent of respondents believe that staff experience will be the area to benefit most from digitisation, and the remaining 13 percent of the vote went to the effect of digital transformation upon sustainability, such as remote consultations leading to less travel and technology enabling smarter use of buildings to lessen impact upon the environment.

What area in your organisation do you think is set to benefit most from digital transformation? We welcome comments – please email if you would like to share your thoughts.