Humber and North Yorkshire ICS launches accessing appointments communication campaign

Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership has launched a communication campaign to support patients with accessing new appointment methods and to understand the digital options.

The integrated care system outpatient transformation programme has produced two animations to help explain what patient initiated follow ups are and to describe how patients can undertake their appointments virtually if required.

The videos last under one minute, with the intention to be used in clinic, both within appointments as part of a shared decision-making conversation, or played in media systems in outpatient clinics, on social media sites and provider websites.

Wendy Scott, Director of Collaborative of Acute Providers, commented: “We are now in a world where we need to embrace new ways of working and new technologies which support and empower our patients, where these are deemed suitable. It is intended that these animations help patients become better informed and aware of their choices on what options are available to them for their ongoing care.”

Dr Nigel Wells, Executive Director of Clinical and Professional Services, added: “Adopting these changes can save patient’s time and cost by reducing travel to busy hospital sites, avoiding taking time off work, whilst ensuring that the appointments they do have offer the most benefit and convenience for them when they need them most.”

The animations can be viewed on Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s Youtube Channel, or you can view the patient initiated follow-up appointments video here and the video on virtual consultations here.