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Poll: how many EPR systems will there be in the market by 2027?

What does the future of the EPR market look like in the UK? 183 industry professionals responded to our 48-hour poll to share their view.

Here at HTN we wanted to explore what the health tech community thinks the future will look like with regards to the EPR market, so we took to our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to pose a question to the health tech industry at large:

How many EPR systems do you think there will be in five years?

The results were as follows…

37.1 percent of people believe that the number of EPR systems in the market is set to increase. A wide range of participants selected this response, from individuals working for NHS Digital to EPR consultancy, including people in roles such as technical specialist, EPR analyst and EPR programme directors.

42.7 percent believe that this number will decrease. Again, there was a lot of variety in response, with roles including operations director, CEO, chief clinical information officer and chief technology officer.

Meanwhile, 20.2 percent believe that the number of EPR systems on the market will stay the same. Here, respondents included individuals working in senior consultancy, technical delivery and commercial management.

What do you think? Will the number of EPR systems on the market increase, decrease, or stay the same by 2027?

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