Whittington Health and North Middlesex University Hospital to pilot remote monitoring tech

Whittington Health NHS Trust and North Middlesex University Hospital are to pilot remote monitoring technology from Spirit Health to support people living with heart failure and frailty.

In a three-month pilot, supported by North Central London Integrated Care System, patients will be discharged and monitored at home by specialist clinical teams.

It means care teams can monitor a patient’s health condition such as vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature through the remote patient monitoring platform.

Patients will have access to 4G enabled tablet devices, along with blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and thermometer, to record their own vital signs for their clinical team to regularly review.

“It’s about empowering the patient to look after their health,” said Wendy Paul-Garricks, Deputy Service Manager for Whittington Health NHS Trust. “Every patient wants to be in the comfort of their own place. Being at home not only reduces the risk of hospital acquired infection, but patients are less anxious at home, and can get a better night’s sleep as wards can sometimes be noisy. They can eat their own food, and they can be around their family. All while we are monitoring the patient from the hospital,” she added.

Arul Bangalore, Lead Matron, Virtual Ward & Rapid Response Services for Whittington Health NHS Trust, added: “As clinicians, we make plans for the patients, but by having this kind of technology, we involve the patients in the decision making. It’s about working in partnership with the patients and promoting autonomy.”