£480 million NHS Federated Data Platform tender opens

NHS England has opened a tender process to procure a federated data platform for the NHS.

It is anticipated the contract value will be £360 million for five years, with an option for two 12-month extensions worth £120 million.

The platform will be owned and controlled by the NHS, where data can be used to “understand patterns, solve problems, plan services for local populations and ultimately transform the health and care of the people they serve,” the tender states.

Organisations will not be mandated to use the data platform, however it can be used to support local challenges and priorities, the tender adds. The system is expected to replace existing data platforms in place such as the COVID-19 Data Platform.

Data will be de-identified and will flow “to the central platforms for specific, necessary and pre-agreed planning purposes (such as national reporting on vaccine uptake, to increase supply chain efficiency or to create benchmarks of good practice that can inform national policy) and in compliance with information governance principles and data protection law.”

Some of the requirements for the platform include to be cloud based, and to meet strict governance and performance measures.

The deadline to participate in the tender process is 9 February 2023. To find out more, view the tender here.