Virtual wards and remote monitoring tech added to Spark DPS

The Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), run by the Crown Commercial Service, has been enhanced to include procurement of virtual wards and remote patient monitoring technology.

With support from NHS England, four new areas have been added to the framework, to cover virtual wards, continuous monitoring support, long term condition (remote monitoring) and spot monitoring.

The Crown Commercial Service emphasised the potential of virtual wards, writing: “The pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to provide digital solutions to patients and staff quickly. As integrated care systems continue to focus on staff wellbeing and recovery of health services to pre-pandemic levels, they have learnt to rapidly and consistently adopt new models of care that exploit the full transformation potential of digital technologies and cloud computing, including private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds.”

The Spark DPS, a marketplace which gives suppliers the opportunity to offer new emerging technology solutions, provides a framework for the NHS to find suppliers and innovations to meet their specific needs.

The notices states: “Spark DPS and NHS England have worked closely to ensure they have the right technology, services and suppliers to meet the complex needs of the NHS.”

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Join HTN this week for a live webinar focusing on virtual wards and the future of remote patient care. We welcome panelists including: Tara Donnelly, Director of Digital Care Models, NHS England, Sam Jackson, Clinical Services Manager for the Virtual Health Hub, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Jamie Innes, Product Director at Inhealthcare. The webinar will take place from 10:00am, 23 February.