The Health Foundation to launch tech funding programme to support care at home

The Health Foundation is to launch a new programme to provide funding and guidance for tech-enabled approaches to support care at home and in the community.

First, the organisation is seeking a support partner to help deliver the new funding programme, with up to £120,000 made available for a partner.

Following the selection of a partner, The Health Foundation will then launch “funding and guidance through a structured and supportive innovation process”.

It aims to support six teams across three areas; to understand the future approaches to care that their communities need, to explore how technology can enable these approaches, and to test and pilot ideas in their real-world context. The programme then aims to support the approaches spread and scale.

Once appointed, the support partner will refine each stage of the programme, develop and deliver activities and support offers for funded teams at each phase, and provide practical support to develop their ideas, skills, advice, expertise and building capacity.

It’s expected the programme will run from June to December 2023, with the potential to extend to March 2025.

The deadline to apply to be the support partner is 12 April 2023. The Health Foundation has shared further details, here.

Last week, HTN held a panel discussion focusing on virtual wards and the future of remote patient care. We welcomed guests Tara Donnelly (director of digital care models at NHS England), Sam Jackson (clinical services manager for the Virtual Health Hub at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and Jamie Innes (product director at Inhealthcare).