Health Tech Trends

Poll: Focusing on health and care data, what’s the most challenging area?

The latest question we posed to our health tech audience, as part of our Health Tech Trends Series sponsored by InterSystems, focused on data and the most challenge areas.

We asked: Focusing on health and care data, what’s the most challenging area?

Participants in the poll came from a wide range of backgrounds including technical, clinical, digital and operational, across health and care settings.

The majority of the votes were split between two options, each with 33 percent of the votes. The first of these answers was people, organisations, talent and culture. The roles of participants here included programme lead, divisional medical director, CEO, and operations director.

The second answer receiving 33 percent of the vote focused on standards and interoperability, with voters including research delivery manager, board director, engagement lead and senior project manager.

28 percent of the vote focused on data quality and governance, with participants including programme manager, CMIO, deputy CIO, and information security specialist.

Finally, creating insights was the preferred priority for 6 percent of participants. Voters included finance director, consultant, and compliance and reporting manager.

Are the results as you would expect? Which would you have chosen?

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