AI and digital tech regulations service launches

NHS England has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) and digital regulations service for health and social care.

Through a multi-agency service, funded by the NHS AI Lab, it involves the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Health Research Authority (HRA), and Care Quality Commission (CQC), to support adopters and developers with guidance.

It aims to help innovators navigate the regulatory landscape, in which NHS England says “can at times be difficult to navigate, especially when they evolve as quickly as the technologies” therefore NHS England has funded the creation of this service.

The services brings together a central source of regulatory and best practice guidance related to AI and digital technology in health and social care, collated from various regulators and public bodies. It intends to support developers such as health tech companies, researchers from academia, NHS staff creating technologies, and data science companies.

To find out more, visit the NHS England website here.

Join HTN this week (14 March) for our online event focusing on AI and Data. We’re hosting three webinars:

  • Transforming the ‘waiting list’ into a ‘preparation list’ for Cheshire and Merseyside ICS
  • Building the foundations for scaled AI implementation – Dr Peter Thomas, CCIO and Director of Digital Medicine, Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • A session with NHS England Blueprinting Team and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

View the agenda, and register here.