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Where should digital investment go in the short-term?

Our latest poll explores the question of digital investment and the various avenues of need within the healthcare system. We asked our audience:

Where should digital investment go in the short term? 

Participants were asked to choose between the following four options: innovation and med tech, core systems, workforce and patient-facing technology.

Answers came in from a diverse range of participants from various backgrounds, including NHS England, biomedical science, project management, IT innovation, digital and more.

The final consensus concluded that core systems would benefit the most from short term digital investment, with thirty six percent of the overall votes. Participants in this category included professionals working in AI and digital strategy, programme optimisation, healthcare consultancy and primary care management.

Coming in at second place with thirty percent of the votes was workforce, which garnered favour with participants working in patient support administration, biomedical science, clinical leadership and digital innovation.

The third most-voted category was patient-facing tech which accrued twenty three percent of the final votes. Individuals in favour of this category ranged from head of strategy to individuals working in digital tech production and design, to those in clinical nursing and midwifery or clinical science.

Finally, receiving ten percent of votes was innovation and med tech. Voters in this category ranged from senior IT executives, head of IT and transformation, healthcare board director and communications specialists.

Are you surprised by the final outcome? Would you have voted differently?

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