Scotland to expand Hospital at Home services with additional funding

£3.6 million in funding has been announced by the Scottish Government to support an expansion of Hospital at Home services.

The funding aims to increase the number of patients managed through remote monitoring by 50 percent, and adds to £10.7 million in funding that has been provided since 2020.

On the funding, the Scottish Government said it will be available for existing services and areas that are yet to develop a Hospital at Home model.

A recent report by Health Improvement Scotland highlighted for the period April 2022 to November 2022, 7,369 patients were managed by Hospital at Home services, increasing from 4,374 patients from April 2021 to November 2021. In total, 21 Health and Social Care Partnerships are currently providing 312 virtual beds.

Michael Matheson, Health Secretary, commented: “Hospital at Home has already proved to be very successful and most importantly, beneficial to patients and the wider system. That’s why we have allocated a further £3.6 million so more people can be managed at home rather than in hospital.

“Patients have spoken very positively about the service and it also reduces pressure on A&E and the Scottish Ambulance Service by avoiding admissions and accelerating discharge. Hospital beds will always be available to people who need them, but this is a better alternative for many.”

Belinda Robertson, Associate Director of Improvement, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, added: “We’re delighted the Scottish Government will continue to fund the development of Hospital at Home services. An increasing number of patients are experiencing the benefits of receiving acute hospital care at home.

“More and more NHS boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships are embracing Hospital at Home by establishing and developing services. We will continue to support NHS boards and Partnerships to further develop the services they provide, and share learning across all Hospital at Home services.”