NHS England plans £50 million digital staff passport framework

NHS England has published a prior information notice with the intention to launch a £50 million digital staff passport technology framework.

A market engagement exercise has now launched, ahead of an anticipated tender publication 9 June 2023.

NHS England states they “want to better understand what the providers of digital passport technologies are able to offer” and therefore intend to “establish a new framework service line for digital staff passport providers under the Health System Support Framework (HSSF) to ensure a broad and open market is created”.

It comes following the introduction of an interim Covid Digital Staff Passport solution during the pandemic and “the need for the NHS to have a flexible and responsive workforce has been set out in both the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS People Plan”.

The aim now is to make digital staff passport technology available for the health, care and other sectors, to support “more staff servicing different types of staff movements as soon as practicable,” the notice states.

For the first invitation to tender, designing and developing digital staff passport and onboarding services for different staff groups across the health and care sectors, will be the focus.

NHS England is hosting an early market engagement event (webinar) this week, 2-3pm, 19th May.

For further details, view the notice here.