Virtual reality physiotherapy tool launches

A virtual reality solution has launched to offer an alternative for patients needing physiotherapy after discharge from hospital.

Resynk’s VR Rehabilitation seeks to offer a fun alternative through a series of games, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient, to give patients challenging tasks including reaching, pinching, pronating and supinating.

The project said that EU-based research on this approach has found that patients using the VR model completed 26 more minutes of physiotherapy every day. Elsewhere, resynk’s VR Rehabilitation has been shown to increase patient independence across a series of tasks relating to daily living.

It also captures, stores and communicates data directly to physiotherapists via its web app, allowing them to access, review and monitor patient progress. Physiotherapists can also join patients virtually during their physio session, using a video streaming feature.

Following successful trials with the Department of Health and a range of private health providers, resynk is looking to continue to work with new partners to transform outcomes for more patients.

To find out more by watching the overview video below: