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Liverpool Women’s electronic patient record goes live

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with a new electronic patient record system over the weekend.

The trust has moved to the MEDITECH Expanse EPR, 27 years on since they first went live with MEDITECH Magic.

Matt Connor, chief information officer at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, shared news of the go-live on Twitter. Matt said: “This is day one, however so much hard work has gone into our go-live from our fantastically talented digital team, trust staff, and MEDITECH.”

Charlotte Jackson, chief executive officer at MEDITECH, added: “What a fantastic achievement, Kudos to the entire team who have worked tirelessly and fearlessly to be the first MEDITECH site to go live with Expanse in the United Kingdom.”

Matt shared on Twitter:

Over recent years, HTN has been following digital transformation programmes at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, covering their approach and the importance of clinical leadership within digital transformation, as well as individual projects on its roadmap.

In November 2021, we welcomed Dr Natalie Canham, chief clinical information officer, and Matt Connor, chief information officer, from Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, for a live webinar as part of HTN Now. The duo gave a wide-ranging presentation, covering where clinical engagement needs to take place, and when, the trust’s upgrade of its electronic health record, and an overview of Liverpool Women’s digital transformation roadmap so far, as well as what’s still to come.