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Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust goes live with shared care record

Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust (MYTT) has gone live with the provision of data to the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record, assisting in the delivery of joined-up patient information to “support the provision of excellent clinical and social care and close data gaps across West Yorkshire”.

The trust is sharing data including patient demographics, inpatient appointments, encounters, emergency department visits and documents such as discharge summaries, clinical letters and maternity documents.

Along with enabling staff to access real-time data from across a range of providers and different IT systems, MYTT highlights how the move will allow GPs across geographical boundaries to access relevant information about the treatment their patient has received at the the trust.

Paul Curley, chief clinical information officer, has commented on the MYTT’s commitment to “place as much information as possible into the hands of the patients, adding: “We already provide copies of outpatient discharge letters, support pregnant patients to access their records electronically and populate a patient portal. We believe the patient should be at the centre of healthcare, should be involved in all decisions, should have access to the healthcare record and should be confident that important information is available to the clinical staff caring for them.”

Nichola Esmond, service director for adult social care (strategy and transformation), says: “We believe using the YHCR is a step in the right direction, a social worker is able to access the most up to date information about a service user, using the YHCR Portal. This will enable care packages/equipment to be determined quicker, providing access to the appropriate care/equipment. Risks will reduce as the data will be available in ‘real time’ to ensure medication, allergy and immunisation data is available.”

In April, Yorkshire and Humber Care Record’s programme director Lee Rickles joined HTN for a panel discussion on patient flow and virtual care. Lee discussed the sharing of data across the region, the challenges of pulling together information from multiple providers and systems, and the benefits it can bring. Catch up with what he had to say here.