North West London ICS to launch tech enabled programme for people living with severe mental illness

North West London Integrated Care System is launching a new tech-enabled programme, in partnership with Inhealthcare, which aims to tackle disparities in physical health outcomes for people living with severe mental illness.

The programme extends the annual physical health check pathways by introducing remote technology support, and aims to improve data-sharing between primary and secondary care.

Patients will be able to access physical health checks in various locations, including their homes, with mental health professionals carrying out checks by using digital tools and entering their observations directly into the platform. Data will be able to be viewed by authorised NHS staff on a dashboard, allowing them to review existing conditions and start treatment plans if new conditions are diagnosed. The data will then be shared automatically with GP software systems.

Faith Lubimbi, tech-enabled Care@Home lead for North West London Integrated Care System, said: “Our ambitious programme aims to bridge the mortality gap and improve outcomes for the most vulnerable service users with severe mental illness.

Inhealthcare is helping the NHS to integrate care between mental health and primary care providers to improve patient and staff experience, increase efficiency and lower the cost of care.”

Bryn Sage, chief executive, Inhealthcare, added: “We are proud to be working with the North West London Integrated Care System on this important initiative to reduce shocking health inequalities and bring hope to people living with severe mental illness.”

Last month, as part of HTN Now, we were joined by Generated Health for a session on using digital tools to support hypertension management.

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