Health Tech Trends

Primary-secondary interface, virtual care, patient portals, data and intelligence – which area would benefit from additional funding?

For the latest poll as part of our HTN Health Tech Trends Series, sponsored by InterSystems, we asked our audience: If you could provide additional funding to one area, which area would you choose?

The options available were: Data/intelligence tools, patient engagement portals, primary – secondary care interface and virtual care programmes.

Participants from a broad range of sectors and specialisms such as integrated care systems, primary care, NHS trusts and various NHS organisations took part in the voting process, resulting in a nuanced distribution of opinion.

The majority vote favoured by 42% of participants was primary-secondary interfacewhich received support from individuals in healthcare transformation, integrated urgent care policy, senior delivery support and programme management.

In second place, with 28% of votes, was virtual care programmes which comprised voters from digital project management, NHS leadership and innovation consultancy.

Data/intelligence tools received 19% of the overall vote, appealing to participants in IT and informatics, data science, AI and simulation research and digital transformation roles.

In fourth place, with 11% of votes patient engagement portals attracted participants across various sectors such as general practice and EPR programme management.

In this instance, primary-secondary interface was the clear winner with almost half of all participants voting this option as the most desirable area for additional funding.

Are the results what you would have expected? Would you have chosen differently?

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