New joint CXiO role appointed for Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ICB and NHS South East region

Ronke Adejolu, previously NHS England’s national associate chief nursing information officer, has announced that she is taking on a newly developed role as joint CXiO for Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ICB and the NHS South East region.

Ronke has been involved in digital healthcare for a number of years, having worked for NHS England between 2018 and 2023, and describes herself as “an experienced, multifaceted, dynamic senior healthcare systems leader with a background in health services management, nursing [and] systems leadership” with a “diverse 28 year career”.

Ronke is also one of the judges for the HTN Awards this year.

HTN previously interviewed BoB ICB’s chief digital and information officer, Ross Fullerton. Ross explained that the the ICS was placing focus on integration and interoperability, digitising social care and developing a clear foundation of digital capabilities across the ICS’s footprint. He also discussed the ICS’s focus on analytics and “how we can understand all the vast sources of data that we have, to better understand population health, to target interventions and to embed the use of that everywhere.”

BoB ICB also featured in our deep dive series exploring digital and data across the ICS regions, when we took a look at what’s happening with health technology across the South East. In this feature, we took a look at BOB’s ICS strategy, which highlights a role for digital in a number of key areas including supporting work/life balance for the workforce, supporting citizens to receive virtual care in or close to home, and using population health data to drive decision-making.

In other recruitment news, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS has announced the appointment of Dr Nitin Kolhe as chief clinical information officer and deputy medical director for digital and data; and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has announced that Shauna McMahon is to join the trust in the position of chief information officer from January.

Touching upon the HTN Awards again, the finalists for 2023 will be announced on Monday 11 September – keep an eye on our website to find out more about the digital projects and programmes which have been nominated.