Health Tech Trends

Poll: How many EPR systems do you think there will be in the market in 5 years?

As part of our Health Tech Trends Series sponsored by InterSystems, we asked the HTN audience: How many EPR systems do you think there will be in the market in 5 years?

We received 148 responses from our audience, with participants ranging from various professions. The accompanying options to choose from were: “It will stay the same”, “it will increase” or “it will decrease.”

“It will increase” came out on top, receiving 49% of the overall votes. Supporters of this option included IT, clinical, informatics, consultants, digital project managers, and data professionals. In 2022, we asked the same question to our audience, where 37.1% voted for an expected increase.

In second place, with 34% of votes was “it will decrease,” which garnered favour with participants working in EPR and digital transformation, tech development, nursing, clinical systems, and digital leadership. In 2022, 42.7% of our audience anticipated the number to decrease.

In last place, receiving 16% of votes was “it will stay the same,” which caught the attention of a chief clinical information officer, deputy director of data and insight, a senior integration engineer, consulting, and director of digital.

In 2022 the majority of voters anticipated a decrease, however 12 months on, the majority expectation has turned to an increase.

Do you agree? Are the results what you expected?

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