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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust goes live with new secure digital messaging platform

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with its new secure mobile digital messaging platform, Alertive, described as a secure digital platform “designed to empower healthcare staff, enabling them to seamlessly transfer critical information to the right person at the right time, every time”.

Key features of the application include secure messaging, in-app delivery confirmations and multiple communication modes to promote staff with visibility of priorities.

Alertive has shared information on how they will be supporting the go-live through their website, highlighting how volunteers at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust will be walking around wards assisting staff with the use of the mobile application from 16 October to 5 November. The app also also offers additional support through a feature which enables staff to virtually ask an Alertive Floor Walker for help.

In addition, the Alertive website provides a frequently asked questions section and generalised training videos and user guides, along with a ‘meet the team’ section to help the staff identify the best channel for seeking support.

The team at Alertive shared their experience working with staff at West Suffolk via LinkedIn, stating:  “The team at West Suffolk have been amazing, and their forward-thinking approach has left a strong impression on us. Our journey with the West Suffolk team has been excellent; from the initial discovery phase to the upcoming implementation, has taken less than three months – a testament to both teams’ hard work and dedication.”

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